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Watch the LEN Trophy in streaming from anywhere

Everything’s ready for the LEN Trophy to be held in Mataró this weekend. We don’t want you to miss any detail of that exciting high-level event and that’s why m1tv, the local Mataró TV is broadcasting the four matches through (WATCH HERE)

Nearly half thousand people are going to be supporting their teams in the sports centre El Sorrall, but thousands more will be able to follow all the matches around the world. On Friday, the first semifinal is scheduled for 6:00pm and the second one for 7:45pm (both at local time).

The expectation is going to be even much higher on Saturday, when the final is going to be played between the Friday’s winners. The 3rd and 4th position match will be held at 7:00pm (local time), but it’s not going to be until 8:45pm (local time) when the big final will be played.

Let’s get started!

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The Greek Vouliagmeni is the only present team that has won once won the LEN Trophy. It was in 2003.

1999/00 Itàlia Gifa Città di Palermo Grècia Vouliagmeni
2000/01 Rússia SKIF Moscou Hongria Dunaújvarós
2001/02 Itàlia Gifa Città di Palermo Rússia SKIF Moscou
2002/03 Grècia Vouliagmeni Rússia SKIF Moscou
2003/04 Itàlia Ortigia Rússia Uralochka Zlatoust
2004/05 Itàlia Ortigia Grècia Vouliagmeni
2005/06 Hongria Honvéd Grècia Glyfada
2006/07 Itàlia Roma Països Baixos Nereus Zaandam
2007/08 Itàlia Roma Grècia Olympiakos
2008/09 Rússia Shturm 2002 Hongria Dunaújvarós
2009/10 Grècia Ethnikos Rússia Yugra
2010/11 Itàlia Rapallo Països Baixos Het Ravijn
2011/12 Itàlia RN Imperia Rússia Yugra
2012/13 Rússia Shturm 2002 Rússia SKIF Moscou
2013/14 Grècia Olympiakos Itàlia Firenze
2014/15 Itàlia RN Imperia Itàlia Plebiscito Padova