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Presented the Final-4 of the LEN Trophy Mataró 2016

La Sirena CN Mataro for the title Friday 15 and Saturday 16 April in the pool Sorrall

Nau Gaudí in Mataró Thursday hosted the official presentation of the Final-4 LEN Cup to be held on 15 and 16 April at the sports complex Sorrall. This important event is organized by Centre Natació Mataró, in collaboration with the City of Mataró and with the participation of the local team of La Sirena CN Mataro.

The first authority to speak was the president of CN Mataro, Joan Gros, who thanked the support of various institutions and sponsors, and especially the 6,000 members of the governing body. It also reviewed the upward trajectory of this young team, which expects this year under the name of La Sirena can lift the first title.

A team of securities

Then it was the turn of Francesc Casabella, CEO of La Sirena, who was delighted to contribute to such a project and highlighted the securities that transmits the team and its players. Precisely been Ciara Gibson, on behalf of the whole team, who wanted to encourage them as much as an incentive Mataró that this Final-4, making it clear they will do everything possible for the LEN Cup to stay home.

The president of the Catalan Swimming Federation, Enric Bertran, highlighted the fact that in two consecutive weeks Catalonia will host two major events continental (LEN in Mataró and the next week the Champions League in Sabadell), wishing to be teams Catalans who can raise these titles so important. On behalf of the Ministry of Sports of the Government, spoke Santi Siquier, who stressed that the projection cities like Mataró make Catalonia thanks to international sporting events.

The event has closed the Mayor of Mataro, David Bote, who highlighted the fact that this will be the first European final to be played in Mataro. The mayor has asked the players, above all, enjoy being able to play a competition like this at home, where they can count on the support of the fans in order to achieve the first female sports title in Europe for the city.

Logo, website and television spot

The event was led by journalist Rafa Navarro, who presented the television sports competition, and made mention of the event will follow a standard television (Esport3 is scheduled to broadcast the live Final, and the Network matches Friday). It has also been released by the website -made by Tà through which you can track everything that happens around this LEN Trophy.