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Mataró hosts the Final-4 LEN Trophy for second time

La Sirena CN Mataró is going to be the host team on Final Four LEN Trophy, competition which won on 2016. It is going to play on 13th and 14th of April in Mataró, but this time in Joan Serra’s swimming pool, just in front of Mediterranean Sea. Finally, due to the weather forecast, it will be played again at the Sorrall. The other three teams will be Italian Plebiscito Padova , Hungarian Dunaujvaros FVE and Greek Olympiacos Piraeus.


Let’s review how the quarterfinals went:

1st Match (february 24th)
UVSE Budapest – Padova    7-7
Sabadell – LA SIRENA CNM     12-3
Dunaujvaros – Catània    10-13
Kirishi – Olympiakos Pireu    10-10

2nd Match (març 17th)
Padova- UVSE Budapest    6-8
LA SIRENA CNM – Sabadell     6-11
Catània – Dunaujvaros    16-18
Olympiakos Pireu- Kirishi    10-11

On the second matches, Kirishi and Budapest gave the surprise winning at home after a draw in the first match. In Catània was about to overcome the visiting team, but finally, Orizzonte (home team) won in penalties round to Dunaujvaros. For that, Euro league final Four is going to be played by CN Sabadell, Kirishi –current champion–, Orizzonte Catània and UVSE Budapest.

Final-4 LEN Trophy schedule – 2018 – Mataró