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La Sirena Mataró wins its first LEN Trophy

Big party at El Sorrall after La Sirena Mataró has achieved to raise the LEN Trophy at home. Florin Bonca’s girls have suffered a lot in front of the hard Greek Vouliagmeni NC, but have finally reached the victory with a tight result 5-6.

Vouliagmeni have headed the match for almost all the time, though La Sirena have followed them putting the match in a draw in each quarter. Vouliagmeni has strongly defended the meeting, having lost three of its players with three exclusions at the end of the match and having unabled one of La Sirena’s best players, Roser Tarragó.

However, La Sirena has reacted every time and has scored a decisive goal in the last quarter that has led to the final result (5-6), giving the local girls their first European title.

La Sirena Mataró won its first title in history last week against the big CN Sabadell, and has made history again leaving the LEN Trophy home.

LEN TROPHY FINAL: Vouliagmeni 5-6 La Sirena CN Mataró