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Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo  - ***

Olympiacos and Dunaujvaros go through the big final of LEN Trophy 2018

The semi-finals of the first day of this LEN Trophy Mataró 2018 finished with two clear winners: Olympiacos and Duanujvaros. For that reason the big final will be fighted for greek and hungarian team, while Plebiscito Padova and La Sirena CN Mataró will play before for the bronze medal.

1st Semi-Final: Plebiscito Padova 4-10 Olympiacos Piraeus

PLEBISCITO PADOVA: Laura Teani, Barzon (1), Savioli, Gottardo, Queirolo, Casson, Millo, Dario, Sohi (1), Meggiato, Nencha, Tielmann (2) i Giacon.
OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS: Diamantopoulou, E. Plevritou (1), Eggens, Eleftheriadou (1), Manolioudaki (1), Avramidou (2), Asimaki, A. Plevritou, Emmolo (3), V. Plevtirou, Tsoukala (2), Myriokefalitaki i Stamatopoulou.
Partials: 2-1, 0-1, 1-6, 1-2.

Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo - LEN TRophy

Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo – LEN TRophy

Olympiacos arrived in LEN Trhopy 2018 as a favourite and they didn’t disappoint in the semifinal. They won clearly but in a match with two very different parts.

Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo - LEN TRophy

Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo – LEN TRophy

In the first part of the match, we saw a very equal teams. Padova found some holes on Olympiacos defense to score while the Greek team was quite blocked in attack. The first part of the match ended in a just draw 2-2. But in the second part of this semifinal something change. Olympiacos scored six goals in a row, making an exhibition to win the game. Italian team tried to come from behind but it was not possible.

2nd Semi-Final: La Sirena CN Mataró 7-11 Dunaujvaros

LA SIRENA CNM: Debby Willemsz, portera; Laura Vicente (1), Marina Zablith, Helena Lloret (1), Claudia Abad, Alba Bonamusa, Clara Cambray (1), Ciara Gibson (3), Marta Bach (1), Liana Dance, Ema Carevic, Carla Graupera, Júlia Àvila (ps).
DUNAUJVAROS FVE: Kiss i Aarts porteres; Szilagyi (2), Valyi, Gurisatti (1), Horvath (1), Mahieu (3), Luka, Garda (1), Ziegler (2), Brezovski, Mchunu.
Partials: 0-4, 0-2, 3-3, 4-2.


This second final started with a clear superiority of hungarian team. La Sirena CN Mataró couldn’t score any goal in the hole first part of the match. Dunaujvaros took advantage of that scoring 6 goals in a row even some good saves of Mataró’s goalkeeper (0-6).

Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo - LEN Trophy

Foto: J.Arnau/Atelier Photo – LEN Trophy

The second part started with another hungarian goal (0-7), but it was then when catalan team reacted a bit making the firsts goals. Finally, the result of this semifinal was 7-11. So, Dunaujvaros is going to play the final of the LEN trophy 2018 against Olympiacos.