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La Sirena CN Mataró - Spain


First female water polo team at La Sirena Mataró Swimming Centre for the 2015-2016 season. Just won his first title:

  • Champions of the Copa de la Reina in 2016

This is, by far, La Sirena CN Mataró’s best moment in the European level. Girls trained by Florin Bonca achieved two valuable victories against Lille and Messina in the Champions League second phase held in France, but couldn’t make it against Sabadell. Both Catalan teams, however, passed that round.

Despite performing well in the quarterfinals, La Sirena’ said goodbye to the Champions League after losing a crutial match against the powerful UVSE Budapest Hungary (7-7 in Mataró and 9-4 in Budapest). Now the team wants to put the icing on the cake winning the LEN Trophy in front of its supporters.